Automation to create folder and create boards in that folder

Is there a way to add to the automation of “create board” by adding in an automation to “create folder in Main Workspace and create board in folder”? For example, when updating a status of a project to planning, it automatically creates a project board from a template, however, this can make the main workspace navigation bar really messy. Whereas if I can have an automation to put the newly created board in a new folder, it would keep the workstation clean and allow me to make multiple boards in the one folder in the one automation (i.e. schedule, risk management dashboard and a lessons learned register).

We have set up an automation between our CRM and our Client Services workspaces to create a series of new boards from templates any time a new lead becomes a new client. However, there is no automation to build a new folder for that new account (which all boards should live under). This seems like a pretty obvious thing that is currently missing.


I agree with this! To add context from my perspective;

  • We have a board under a folder “Project Portfolio” which is a simple table of clients (in groups) and the subsequent project line items, along with their status, budgets etc.
  • What I would like to be able to do is once a project line item is added to a client group, an automation can be made to create a new project board under the relevant client folder.
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Is there any solution for this?

I just ran into needing this exact solution.

We work with clients that have a set of boards each-I have the automations to create all of the boards I need, but really need a folder they can all go into.

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I don’t think there is yet

Yes we could really use this feature as well. There are different columns needed for different aspects of our projects. To have it all in one board is very cumbersome. Would be nice to divide into scheduling, ordering etc all within one project folder that could be created from a folder template with all the boards inside every time a deal is sold.


Yes I agree with everything and I’d find this automation very helpful. Also, it would be great if it would be possibile to select where exaclty in a workspace you want the folder and the boards contained in it to be created.

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