Automation when creating a new board in a folder

Is it possible to have an automation for when I create a new board? Currently I have some boards in Folder A and I have automation in those boards that when a new item is created on those boards it creates an item on a specific board that is not in any folder. However, I have one folder (Folder C) in which the boards function differently, so what I would like is an automation that when I create a board in Folder C an item is created on that specified board that is not in any folder. Is this possible?

Hi @lhendricks - Melissa here! To confirm, are you looking to have a customized item automatically added to a board whenever it’s first created? If so, you could set up a board with this item included and set it as a template. Each time you need to create a new board with the custom item, you could simply duplicate the template and add it to the appropriate folder. Let me know if this is not what you are looking to do - happy to look into this more for you! that is not quite what I am looking for (if I understand you correctly). Basically, when I create a board it is for a Book Title. The automation I want is for when I create a new board/book title, I want a new item added to a board that I keep invoices for book titles on. Does that make sense?