Automation for creating a new Board from Template every time an item is created on Masterboard

Is there an autmation formula for this? I’d like to have a ‘New Project’ master-board with an automation for creating ‘Project Launch’ boards when items are added. THHanks

I agree that would be so helpful. I haven’t been able to work this one out yet either.

This must be possible because we have exactly this in our account right now. Go to the master board, open up the automations tab and search for “board” and hopefully it’ll come up.

It’s funny, there is an automation when you search ‘board’ for creating a new board and notifying someone upon a status change. But there isn’t an option to create a custom automation that includes creating a new board. @CXS

@TheOtherPM @Dalpert @SandraJ,

The custom automations are getting there. You can accomplish this now by combining these two automations:

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