Duplicate and Automate a Folder

I seem to have hit a stumbling block… I really want to duplicate a folder and all 6 boards that reside in it by linking automations from another board in my CRM or Workspace. I can’t find any information relating to this online and fear that it’s not possible but have read about other scenarios that aren’t available but someone’s created a workaround.

My folder is a client and the boards are the various elements of a complex project
My CRM has a board with all clients on it but not the detailed projects so I need to link the two and generate multiple folders for multiple projects.

Surely someone has hit this issue before?

Hey @DanStronge!

I am afraid you’re correct, this process isn’t natively supported just yet - I apologise for the setback :frowning: That said, one of amazing our team members from support, Gianmarco, was able to develop a workaround so that folders containing boards can successfully be duplicated! You can check it out here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

I hope this helps in some way :pray: