Workload displayed as percentage


We use the workload widget to fill the schedule of our service technicians. One of the most frequently asked question is : “how loaded are you on the next month ?”. Actually, we can visualize it with the blue dot, but it would also be nice to have it as a percentage instead of a number of hours.
So could you please add the possibility to choose to display hours or percentage in this widget ?
Thanks for your feedback on this

Hi @FdL - while showing it as a percent in the Workload widget isnt an option. What we have done in the past for clients with similar asks is the following:

  1. Have a “% Utilization” column to estimate how utilized an individual would be for a specific project
  2. Also a timeline column for the start/end of the project
  3. Use a formula column to calculate based on the timeline to put it in a format that the workload widget can understand, similar to:
    IF(YEAR({Timeline#End}) <> YEAR({Timeline#Start}),(MONTH({Timeline#End})-MONTH({Timeline#Start})+12){% Util},(MONTH({Timeline#End})-MONTH({Timeline#Start})+1){% Util})
    4.You can then use number widgets in a dashboard to show the total % Util.

It’s not perfect but its been helpful for some clients we have worked with.


Hi Green Llamas,

Thanks for your answer. It inspired me and I could figure out a way of doing this. The only problem is that if I set up a certain way (view per week , per technician), I can’t change the view anymore, otherwise the calculation will be completely wrong (day view, or team grouping). So it’s a good workaround, but is has some limitations that an embedded percentage would avoid. teams, please develop this feature :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance
And thanks again Green Llamas for your kind answer


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You are most welcome @FdL. Agreed, % indicators would be an excellent addition.