Workload tracking with no real users assigned


I wish to use the workload feature to plan my team utilization.
I don’t want the team to be exposed to that plan so I cannot assign them to the tasks as I understand they will then have to have visibility to the board.

Is there a way to create and assign a “dummy” user or any other way to assign team members with no access to the board?

Hey @DavGin,

Have you already tried creating a team with just yourself in it? This team could act as the “dummy user” until you actually add your team to the workload.

Let me know if this would help!


Yes, unfortunately that does not help. Lets say that I can assign five tasks to each team member as a cap. Assigning them to myself does not help to plan future utilisation of individual team member.


For me this topic is now resolved with the new workload board that can relate to the status column.