Would love ability to fix column width for views

Currently: Changing a column’s width on one view, changes that column’s width on all other views.

Desired change: Changing a column’s width on one view, does not change the column’s width on any other views.

(Alternatively, since most column width changes probably make sense to be broadcasted to all view, being presented with an option after changing a column’s width like, “Check box to save column width change to this view only” for those special circumstances would be dope.)

The special circumstance I encounter in my work is having the address column as the second pinned column (since our projects are often referenced by the address), but I don’t want it to take too much screen real estate, so I make the width only large enough to see the numbers and a word or two of the street name, but other people who use our board want to see the whole address because they write out checks. If we use the board at the same time, which I don’t think we’ve encountered yet, we’ll be in for a bad time.

Thank you.

This is extremely important if your team is going to use these boards with multiple views. You really need to be able to adjust the width of that first column for each view.

For example, if you use the board to list actions items the width of those action items (in the first column) is going to be fairly wide - at least half the screen most likely - but if you filter a view to have just the names of team members with their contact info then you don’t want the width of that first column to be half the screen because it’s only the person’s name, but that’s currently the only option.

We also use the board to keep track of notes for each meeting so the first column is just the date on that particular view. For example, we have “3/24/22” as the first item, yet it takes up half the screen - it’s really messy, and then people will naturally shrink the column on that specific view only to find out that it’s also shrinking that first column for action items on the other view. I would appreciate it if Monday prioritized this. It seems necessary with a platform that puts so much emphasis on the different views. Thanks.

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I totally agree, this would be an enormously helpful feature addition, and one that seems like it ought to be very straightforward and easy to execute.