Your API token is incorrect

I built a Monday connector for DOMO and it worked perfectly.
Yesterday, it failed with the error “Your API token is incorrect.”
Does this mean the token expired? I regenerated a new one in Monday Admin - but that fails with the same error.
What should I try to fix this issue?

Hiya @john.watson :wave:

Thanks for reaching out to the community and allowing us to lend a helping hand!

This certainly sounds quite odd! :thinking:

I’d love to take a further look at the way you are trying to authenticate right now - could you please provide the query/code you are using as an example with the API token replaced with placeholders? I’d love to take it from there :slight_smile:


The code in the DOMO connector Developer Center looks like this:

//This logging is here for testing! Remove before publishing your connectors
DOMO.log('metadata.account.username: ’ + metadata.account.username);
DOMO.log('metadata.account.password: ’ + metadata.account.password);

var encodedData = DOMO.b64EncodeUnicode(metadata.account.username + ‘:’ + metadata.account.password);
httprequest.addHeader(“User-Agent”,“USCCA GraphQL Client”);
httprequest.addHeader(“Authorization”,“XXXXXXXXXX - Alex”);
var res = httprequest.get('');

if(httprequest.getStatusCode() == 200) {
} else {
auth.authenticationFailed(‘Your API token is incorrect.’);

That worked correctly last week and all thru the weekend up until 1:11 PM CDT yesterday (it worked fine @ 3:11 AM CDT the same day)
I replaced the token with a token that I just generated this morning, but I get the same error.
This is the only DOMO connector we have for Monday and it was working since December 2019.



That looks extremely odd to me! To be transparent with you, I’ve replaced the API Token you’ve had in your post with placeholders (XXXXXX) to avoid potential security issues - please do not share your API key publicly :slight_smile:

I am afraid I am not seeing anything wrong with the query itself, but I do see that leads to an expired account, actually. Would you be able to reach out to us at so we can troubleshoot and investigate this further with you? Sorry for the double work - it would be really helpful if you could provide all of the same information you’ve sent over to us in the community as your initial email.