"Your automation has failed due to a resource not being found" error message

Hi monday devs.

We receive daily support request from users reporting that they receive the following error message when they run a General Caster integration:

Your automation has failed due to a resource not being found.

We discovered that this error is returned by monday when the app is not installed on the workspace where the integration is running on.
By design, even if an app (like General Caster, featuring custom integrations) is not installed in a workspace, the user can add and set an integration up in his boards, but when he runs it the error is returned.

So if you don’t want to change this behavior and keep showing an app available in the workspace where it’s not installed on, please change the error message with something like:

The app is not installed in this workspace. Please enable it in the admin area.

cc @Matias.Monday

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Hello there @rob,

Thank you for sharing that. I see your point here.

I will take this with the team and of course any changes will be announced :grin:


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Odd we don’t get that error.

Ours just hum along like nothing is wrong on the monday side, no errors to the user. (Unless we respond to the request with a severityCode and a custom message, then the user gets an error). This is even worse since we get the events, the API calls we make to query data work - they just don’t return the items. No errors from the API, just doesn’t return the item.

BUT this issue that Rob is reporting is something that plagues us. Its 70% of the “your app doesn’t work” requests, because monday for some reason (nobody has provided any rationale for why) lets users install a recipe on a board that it can’t work on without any messaging to that effect.

@rob are these webhooks triggering custom triggers or are they built in triggers? Just curious if that may be a differentiator here.

Rob, it seems there is something odd in the apps framework that this error shows up in the activity log for severityCode: 6000 responses rather than the message we specify.


Are you by chance sending an severity 6000 or 400/500 status code in your response?

The error may be a result of your response based on the permissions issue.