Unable to enter anything in input boxes for automations and integrations

At this moment there seem to be an issue with automations and integrations that require an input, e.g.

We are unable to enter any input in the “value” box. This is for all automations and integrations using these boxes.

@Matias.Monday can you please urgently have a look at this.

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Hello @basdebruin!

I believe this was a momentary issue we had 3 days ago and you should not be seeing this at this point.

Please let us know if you do!


Hi Matias,

Thank you, and yes… this one is solved.

Let me explain what happens in these cases:

  • I get calls / email from customers that my apps aren’t working
  • In some case they are told by monday support to contact me because it is happening with a third party app- I go to the monday status page and notice that everything if fine
  • I spent time and effort analyzing log files and testing
  • During testing found out that also monday automations suffer from this- After checking the status page again I posted to the partner community
  • And got replies from multiple app developers that they are suffering from the same- I do the communication with the customers (which should be really done by monday support)
  • After is was solved (unannounced either) explaining what happened I got replies from customers like “Thank you, we know that monday support sucks”

I fully understand thing can go wrong (but in this case it was the third incident in 2 days that was not listed on the status page). This is frustrating and customers are apparently complaining about monday quality and support responsiveness to me (and I guess to other app developers as well).

What measure will you take to:

  • Prevent this from happening (or at least lower the number of these kind of incidents). I suggest to do some testing after making changes :blush:
  • Make sure the status page is reflecting the truth. It looks like there is a KPI on percentage of green days. I suggest to change such KPI to how many incidents we are not showing on the status page
  • Train monday support team to at least test if your own automations are suffering from the same issue the customer is complaining about.

I am also curious how I can contact support in these case to show them what is happening in your system so they can expedite this to development.

Best regards,

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Hello @basdebruin!

I am sorry that the users and yourself had such experience.

I will share the feedback about the incident itself with the R&D team, the feedback about the status page to the team that takes care of that page, and the thoughts about the regular support team to the customer experience team.

The ways you can contact us is:

As soon as someone from the different teams sees the issue on our end, the R&D team will be notified about it so that it can be taken care of.


hi @Matias.Monday

I actually tried all 3 of the support channels:

  • support@monday.com notified me that I need to contact the developer :slight_smile:
  • appsupport@monday.com did not react at all (except the automated notification)
  • this community (which exposes the issue to a much wider public)

We need to have a better support experience.

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Hello @basdebruin!

We do not have an emergency channel for asking about any bug and get an assured immediate response at this moment, but I will share the concern with the team so that we can take this experience and review the available and possible channels.