Zapier New Item setting status using label

Hi there,

I’m having trouble setting the status columns using the provided JSON examples in the Monday guide here.

It says the two options are:


When trying to set the status column by label using this example guide, just the exact label text I get the following error:

Is the help article wrong as the error seems to suggest that the ID and Label need to be passed together as opposed to just the Label text as outlined in the guide:


Many thanks!

Hello @ElliotBind,
When creating labels don’t already exist on the board, you will have to specify the create_labels_if_missing argument and set it to true. If that is not set, the api will throw an error. You can read about that here in the documentation.

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Hi @kolaai

Thanks for your reply. So these status labels do all exist based on the column ID’s I’m setting them to, but the error still seems to suggest it is expecting the format of:

ID: Label

From the returned error message, it doesn’t look like the label already exists for that column. If the label exists on the board but doesn’t exist for the column you are working with, it will still show an error. Status columns operate independently.

So it appears I can set an existing status label using this format:


But not just the label name as given in Mondays documentation:


I changed the names in the screenshot to Redacted, but my labels exactly match those that appear in the error, however without the IDs in front.

And the error returns the correct labels based on the column ID I’ve selected.

It does seem as though Monday’s method of : * Status Column by Label - {“label”: “Working on it”}

doesn’t work without including an ID also.

Hi @ElliotBind,

So it sounds like you are now successfully sending label values, is that right? I’m glad to hear that you were able to figure this out!

I do also want to note that our item creation API method does usually require the full JSON object for a value (i.e. both the index and label for a Status column), so this might be why you’re seeing this behavior!

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