2 status columns determining the status of a third column (automations? Formulae?)

I am fairly new to Monday.com and trying to set up a Project Risk Register and could do with some help.

I need to set the status of a column based on what is entered into 2 other columns as follows:
Column 1 = Risk Likelihood (Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High)
Column 2 = Risk Impact ( Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High))
Column 3 = Risk RAG Score (Red, Amber, Green), the content is based on a matrix, so for for example if column 1 is Very Low, Column 2 is Low, then Column 3 is “GREEN”, if column 1 is Medium, Column 2 is Very High, then column 3 is “RED”.

This is straightforward in Excel, and I had looked at using a score 1-5 for both columns 1 and 2 and a formula in column 3 but the result needs to be a Status column as the Dashboards will only include certain items based on their Status from Columns 1, 2 and 3.
Can anyone help? At the moment I have created automations and it does work, but I have created 100 Automations to achieve it which seems a bit silly. It took me less than a minute to do this in excel and over an hour in Monday.com.

Hey Neil,

So for each variation of the 3 statuses, you would need to create specific recipes to accomodate for the variations - which I do recognise would become very tedious to create…

Transparently, I don’t believe there is another way around this using our native functionality. I am looking into third party apps such as general caster incase we can work to cast the result of the formula to a status column however it appears that this specific recipe isn’t supported… I will continue to do some digging…

Hi Neil,

Interesting use case. It can easily be done with the Advanced Formula Booster the 3rd-party app that reinvents formulas in monday.

All you need is 1 formula and 2 automations.


I thought I’d write a blog article to explain how this is done. Here it is: How to use a Risk Assessment Matrix in monday.com | mdBoosters Blog

hope it helps.

Hello Neil,
The easiest way to do this is to autoimport your board into a spreadsheet with the Smart Spreadsheet app and perform the necessary calculations with the IF formula. Soon we’ll add the possibility to add a new column added in the spreadsheet on a board.