Column affecting the value in another

I am setting up my finance tracking for projects and would like the status to affect the value in a likelihood column (each status would carry a % weighting) that in turn will be part of a formula for recognising revenue (If that makes sense). Is there a way to do this?

  1. Value (total revenue potential)

  2. Status (Prospect (20%) / Negotiating (50%) / Confirmed (100%)

  3. Likelihood (would should the % depending on the status)

  4. Revenue (Likelihood * Value)

Thanks. I am pretty new to Monday but have worked extensively with excel/googlesheets so trying to understand if this is possible and how to achieve it.


Hey @KatherineL!

You should be able to use a formula column and input a formula based on the four columns you outlined to be the output of the formula column. The one drawback with formula columns, though, is that the output can’t really be used in automations or anything.

Alternatively, you could use an integration called General Caster that allows you to use excel formulas to create a usable output in a numbers or text column. Seeing as you’re more familiar with excel and google sheets, this is probably the route I would go.

I’m happy to walk you through how to use the General Caster integration if you need help :+1:

Tanner Consultant

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Hi. Yes please. Where do I find this integration?

Go to the top right corner of the board you’re working on and click on “Integrate”. That should take you to the integration center where you can search for General Caster.

Let me know if that gives you what you need or if you need any additional help with General Caster. We’ve used it for all sorts of things, so we can probably point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

Tanner Consultant