Formula Columns Influencing other Formula Columns

I have 4 columns

Column 1) A blank figure in a numbers column.
Column 2) A formula column that generates a value based on a separate status column.
Column 3) A formula column that figures out a percentage of the bank figure based on the value generated in [Column 2]
Column 4) A formula column that adds the figure generated in [column 3] to the figure in [column 1]

Columns 1 and 2 work fine, however I run into problems when trying to use a [Column 2] in my formula for [column 3] it is almost as if Monday does not let formula columns influence other formula columns (something that MS Excel and G sheet have been doing for decades).

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hey @_Fred, here is a way you can do that.

I would love to see more of what data you are inputting into your columns, if it is not confidential could you submit screenshots here, if so, could you create a mock case to show here?

When I run a mock scenario attempting to replicate what you have, all the columns are able to interact with each other. See screenshots below.
Column 1 is a numbers column:

Column 2 is a formula based on the status of my status column:

Column 3 takes a percentage of column 2:

Column 4 sums the figures in 3 and 1:

There are a few alternate options for you if those still don’t work:

  1. You could replicate the formula in “column 2” in column three, thus producing the same output as column 2 if nothing were to change, but then you could add you percentage calculation to the end of it to get your desired result. This would get tedious if you had a lot of different status column conditions.

  2. There is an application within Monday called “General Caster” which can take the output of a formula and convert it to a text in another column and that can be read by external applications and other formula columns. This also uses excel formals and functions to operate and perform its calculations.

  3. Lastly, you could use, which is automation software that seamlessly integrates with You would be able to perform all calculations on that application as soon as the number column it edited. This is a long winded step for a simple formula column like yours but its capabilities spread far beyond that allowing you to automate most of you Monday tasks and external applications that now can be integrated with Monday because of My company specializes in this integration software and would be happy to get in contact if that’s something you or your company are interested in. If not I hope the solution above is helpful.

Hi Nathan,

Thanks so much for your response and recommendations, I ended up having to convert one of my formula columns into a numbers column and unfortunately had to keep a certain degree of human intervention present. There seemed to be just too many formula columns.

I have however since used general caster on other boards for other projects and have been impressed with what it can do, thanks so much!