A board for stakeholder analysis

Hi there,

I am glad to be a newbie here in this community and have learned a lot already by reading through so many tutorials, hints and tips. Thanks to all of you for sharing your thoughts.

This is my first question here and I hope someone has good ideas.

For my company I have set up a project overview with multiple boards like projects overview, tasks, issues, risks and so on. One board would be “stakeholders”.

There, I’d like to list and categorize all the stakeholders (list items) with attributes (column) like influence, conflict probability and attitude - besides other attributes. But these three factors I would like to display and analyze in a map with an x- and a y-axis. Each stakeholder should be represented as kind of a “bubble” (similar as in workload) and should carry the color of an associate attitude, like “unknown, declining, critical/approving, neutral, fully approving”.

I was not sure where to put that question - if it is a feature request or something else.

Do you have suggestions, how this could be approached? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a feature request.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Edit: a bit of a visual, for better imagination :smiley:

Hey @Alexander, thanks for posting about this! Glad to hear the community has been helpful for you so far and I hope other people will feel free to chime in on this post as well :slight_smile:

We don’t really have a bubble visualization beyond workload, I’m afraid, so I would definitely recommend adding this to the feature request section (https://community.monday.com/c/feature-requests/7). Another good place to check out might be the apps marketplace: The monday apps marketplace.

If you are looking for an x- and y-axis, or some kind of visual representation, I would recommend checking out the chart view. What is the Chart View?

To have a color for each associate attitude, have you thought about using a status column? You could make a status label for each attitude. Feel free to write back with what you think :blush:

Hey @TRB-monday.com,

thanks for adding your 2 cents :smiley:

I have checked out like every diagram for my need - but each cannot present records as an x-y-scatter-diagram, so for me that would be the first request and is my basic need.

The second request would be, to be able to have a third (optional) factor configurable, to express an additional attribute of that record.

Will put it in the feature request section.
Thanks :smiley:

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