Bubble Chart - Allow Bubble Color to be tied to a column

Allow the following types of column to impact the color of bubbles in a Bubble Chart:
tags & status → straight copy of coloring of tag itself (e…g,
numerical & formatul → attach a color band (“heat” or “shades of green” or whatever) to be matched and stretched linearly across two fixed points or between min/max in the dataset.

For example, with a numerical column with the following values (1,3,5,10), and “heat” selected as the color pallette, a user selecting 0=blue and 20= red would get something like (blue, a little less blue, white, yellow) as their respective bubble colors.

Or if, with the same dataset and color pallete, but set to min=blue, max=red would get something like (blue, pale blue, yellow, red).

This addition allows a “4th dimension” of data, displayed on a 2D surface… very useful.

Here is how an example that I have made using excel and some creative excel stuff (in the nearly collapsed columns)

Upvoting this! I would use this to distinguish bubbles representing different Products, or Swimlanes within a Product, to balance my priorities.