Bubble chart labels

There should be the ability to label the bubbles in the bubble chart with the associated item name or some other identifier, at least when the mouse is hovered over the bubble. Currently, only the numerical values are displayed which specify x,y position and bubble size.

Agreed! Trying it just now and while it’s helpful to have the bubbles presented, it is not if we cannot tell which bubble belongs to who/what. Also while we’re at this, allows for color change?

This is a big need for my clients. They use bubble charts in Excel all the time but item labels are a must for them to be effective or at least a pop-up that shows the item name when they are hovered over.

Digging this out rather than starting a new thread. This chart feature is bascially useless to us without labels or the ability to click on a bubble and see what line(s) it is referencing. This is a critical tool for things like Portfolio selection & Prioritisation.