Item Conversation Updates Bubble

Hi there,

The ability to visually see updates on a board is very useful especially when you have a board with a high number of items.

The issue I have with the conversation bubble feature is that its basically ‘On’ or ‘Off’

The way I have understood this is that no matter how many updates are on an item it will either show as blue or grey depending on whether updates are 7 days old or more.

(Under 7 Days Old)

(7 Days or Older)

My issue is that a board with multiple users and with a high volume of items and updates these become meaningless because most of the time, whichever user is viewing the board has already seen the updates on the item and thus there is no requirement for them to be directed to it.

I’m wondering if there can be an update to this feature where the item only shows as blue i.e. ‘Look at me!’ if there are unread updates on this section as this would be much more useful for teams collaborating on multiple items in a board. It would also allow any individual to quickly know if they have any unread updates on items in the board without needing to go into the item itself.

If this is not possible then adding to the existing feature could there bit a small red star or something which shows the user that although there are updates less than 7 days old, there are also updates which they have not seen on the item that they can be directed towards.

Any Help or Advice on this topic could be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

agree with @chidi

Very well explained. Seven days is an arbitrary one-size fits all cut-off. We would like that the bubble stays green until someone in our team decides it can be marked as grey.

Also, while we find ‘updates’ incredibly useful, we find the title ‘updates’ to be confusing. Nothing that we add to ‘updates’ is what we would consider an update. We use this section to add instructions for the task that are too long to fit in the task line or to chat about the task. For us the terminology ‘notes’ is much more relevant. But the ‘add a note’ and ‘add Q&A’ section in the ‘Info Boxes’ is way to hidden. While we’d love for staff to use them, it’s way too embedded to be of practical use.

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