Update Bubble Color to actually be meaningful?

Is there anyway the update bubble can change to blue when there is an update that a user has not seen?? It would really help when you are glancing at a board to see what updates you have not seen. As someone who manages tasks, I would imagine that a lot of people have this issue so is there anyway to make it relevant?? This is such a basic feature and kind of sad that it is not available.

Hi @tara,

Is this the same as the feature request you raised last year?

FWIW, I completely agree with your request. Read/unread would be far more useful than the currently meaningless (to us): “blue when less than 7 days old”.

Yes, it is the same request - Maybe this time someone will listen ;-). I just get so frustrated sometimes when I have a lot of tasks to check in to and can’t easily see what is new for me by glancing at a board. It is just seems so simple and it will have such a huge affect for managers specifically. It boggles my mind how Monday who is so focused on making so many changes and improving the platform, is still missing some of the basics like this.

We would also find this very useful!

I hear you @tara. I’d love to see many of the basic feature requests submitted here over the 24 months implemented.

We seem to get llama farms and clapper Chrome extensions (?) but little attention on basic productivity features to make Monday.com truly useful.