Ideas to make remote working easier

During this time, when everyone is working remotely, here are some ideas that I think would make a huge difference.

  1. The conversation bubble - it should be blue when you have a new unread comment and gray when you already read the comment. This way someone can just look at a board and see everything new for them.

  2. Inbox - replies when you are tagged should be listed there, NOT just the first time that you are tagged ( I heard that you are working on this)

  3. Have a number showing you the updates that you have not read on the side bar for each board. Obviously somehow you have to be able to click on the number and the pulses come up. Something like the below image.


Great ideas. Our team has difficulties distinguishing between notifications and inbox. There are too many locations to check for information. @tara ideas will help keep new information easy to find.

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Yes, agreed.

The existing behaviour of the blue bubble meaning the most recent update is less than 7 days old does not work for us. We share dozens of updates daily so on some boards they’re all blue, all the time, read and un-read. Get’s very confusing.

I’ve always preferred the idea of a blue bubble meaning any unread updates or replies.


Funny. I find the blue conversations bubble usually works well for our frequency of updates. But I do agree it would be nice for there to be some more levels to the feature - e.g. 3-4 different colours, or a different level of boldness

Exactly why we have preferences - so we can all make a Swiss Army knife tool like Monday work for all of us. Pain points vary for different users depending on their industry sector and workflow.