What do the Blue vs Grey Icons mean in the Updates Section?

What are the different for blue and grey conversation icons?


Blue means the last update is 7 days old or less.

Grey means no new updates for more than 7 days.

This does not suit everyone.

There is an existing Feature Request for blue to mean “unread” and grey to mean “read” to assist remote working.


Why are some updates blue and some grey?

The colour change is a GREAT idea! We use this to know when to get back in contact with a client.

Question/Request: While this is globally set at 7 days, can this be made into a varible?

i.e. Could I set the colour change to 14 days or 21 days?
(This shouldn’t be too difficult as it would only effect the color change.)

We then have instant knowledge (visual) and can target our work even more efficiently.

Appreicate you giving this your consideration.

If you do decide this is worthwhile, can you let me know what the build timreframe would look like?Thank you, Mike

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