A CLI Tool for Monday

Earlier this week I experimented with CLI tool for automating tasks with Monday. Right now it just helps me setup webhooks, but thinking about adding other features like importing/exporting data.

Before spending too much time on it, wanted to see if anyone else would be interested in a CLI tool for Monday or had specific features they wanted?

Hi there @kamescg :wave:

This is quite an awesome idea and I am sure it would help a ton of users get more out of the platform. Perhaps this is something you should consider building as a monday.app instead? You can then release this tool to the community. I recommend looking at the article below for more info:

The monday Apps!

It also comes with a nice prize as of now :wink:

Having said that, I have not seen this kind of tool to be requested previously by users, at least in my personal experience. I hope this helps!


Hey @kamescg ! This is a great idea that I was just about to start attempting to develop as a shell script (not a programmer, but I enjoy messing around in the CLI on Arch).

How far did you get? Have you shared your code anywhere?

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I would be interested :raising_hand_man:t2:
I started a simple CLI for my own needs, but i think it would be very useful to have that kind of tool available for other developper as well :slight_smile: