Ability to add an existing items on a Monday Doc

It is now possible to create an item on a table from within Monday Doc.

The reverse is not possible.
I cannot integrate an item that already exists in a table into Monday Doc.

I therefore propose to make it possible to integrate an existing item into a Monday Doc. Once integrated, the user will be able to modify it (as is currently the case for an item created from a Monday Doc).

This would be so helpful. It is exactly what I’m trying to do right now.


Hi Etienne,

If I may ask, why would you need to add a board item into a doc?
How are you and your team using docs?

As we are pretty new in Monday, I am trying to collect information about how we can use certain features of it.

Thank you

Hi Julia,

We are using Monday Docs for documenting some issues.
For exemple, for 1 issues we did 4 workshops and 1 restitution meeting for decision.
We completed the document in collaborative mode. Monday.com docs are very powerful for this type of exercise.
We could create actions from the document and follow them up.
However, we could not insert actions that already existed.
It’s illogical and extremely frustrating.

Eventually we would like to use this functionality (if it is developed) to enable project managers to present specific actions to steering committees.

Sometimes it’s useful to highlight certain actions in a project and be able to update them directly from the document without going into the table.

What’s more, this view is simpler than a table extract and more effective for presenting to directors. They want to see the essentials. They don’t want to be lost by too much irrelevant information.

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Thank you for your explanation Ettiene.
That totally makes sense, and it is not clear why such a core functionality is missing for a doc.

Would you need to kind of “mention” the item or to show the whole row ?

Would it be helpful in your case to also reference a board in a doc? Not showing the board view but just as a link…

Do you know if there is any third party app that does that or you are not willing to pay more for such a feature ?

We are a software development company who are trying to adopt Monday for our projects and processes and also researching about the opportunity to build new apps for Monday and help the customers with their use cases, so every info or requirement would be appreciated :blush:

Have a nice day!

Hi Julia,
I just need the same presentation as when I create a task on Monday Doc.
I can already create a link to an existing action on a board and display it on a Monday Doc.
I don’t no if another apps is already doing this.
Clearly I will not pay for this. Even if a apps propose this feature.

If I find new idea I’ll be happy to share them

Best regards

@Etienne Even I’m confounded by the decision to allow creation of new items, but not a simple linking of existing items in workdocs.

In other apps, such as Confluence, you can paste a Jira link and it instantly converts it into a dynamic pill that shows the task name as well as the status. ClickUp also allows a simple paste of items on docs.

I don’t think anyone from Monday is here, so nothing is going to become of this and that’s just upsetting. We’ll just have to paste raw links like in text files.

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This would be super useful to our team too! Feels really limiting to only be able to create a new task not link to an existing.

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Indeed! In our team we have been looking for the feature Etienne mentions for months now…
Also a way to Link/mention Account Contacts inside a Monday Doc would be very useful.
For instance, lets say weekly I go over notes inside of a monday doc (including client meeting notes and points to discuss)
One of them for instance saying: Talked to client person “Anna” about development.
“Anna” would be an existing account contact of our CRM. Now being able to link her person contact within the text of the monday doc notes, would allow everyone to look into "Anna"s contact person card in the CRM by clicking it.

If now that link can be bi-directional, so from the CRM account card of “Anna” we see she has appeared in the monday doc as a mention, that would enormously improve our workflow and keeping all our members acroos teams up to date.

I agree that this would be very helpful. We currently use Monday docs for our technical requirements of an item. We generate and link the doc within a column on the item.

It’s fine if we access the doc via the item. However, when making comments on the doc, if you click the link of the comment, it takes you to the doc without any way of getting to the item. Often times, after reading a comment, we have to action something on the item like the status or updating an assignee. We currently have to go search for the item separately.

Perhaps a shortcode option or something? Yes, we could manually grab the item link and paste it into the doc. This is an extra step not everyone remembers to do, and it’s additional overhead that eats up time when working/managing many items.

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