Ability to create a RAID log

There isn’t an ability to have a condensed RAID log that can track Risk/Actions/Issues/Decisions/Dependencies. Due to being unable to rename groups, it makes it really hard to have one workbook to track all these things, and takes up more time for PMs to have to go through different workbooks to update each log. It would be good if you can make different groups with different names in the tables to track these in one place.

Hey Maddie,

Based on my understanding of a RAID log, it appears that this is something that could definitely be set up. Can you elaborate a little further on the roadblock of being unable to rename groups? You’re able to rename groups in boards, as long as no permissions have been set by the board owner, that are restricting this capability. You’re welcome to share a screenshot to specify what you’re referring to?

Thanks :pray: