Monday is Sloppy

Is it just me I just signed up for and I am super pumped however this solution is sloppy can someone explain why I cant do the the following:

  1. I cant filter independent groups under the same table without creating a new table. The only reason for this logic is to monitize moving rows to new groups through automation!

  2. I cant create a new group under a new table I have to create a new board!

  3. I cant resort/organize the group names without recreating all the groups over thus breaking all of the automations required because filtering is not allowed at group level.

  4. I cant hide or even rename the Main Table, however, I can reassign the main table leaving the ugly main table as the secondary table

  5. Lol, I cant even minimize the group view because when I do it only allows the main + 3 Table views to show up before hiding the rest in a container when 70% of the row that hosts the Table views is still available.

The list goes on and on… What the heck are you all thinking how is this supposed to be the best solution when you cant even manage simple tasks that are available in Microsoft Excel version 1985 the OG of spread sheets!

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Hey Michael,

I am sorry to hear of your frustration here and will most certainly these comments with the relevant teams internally.

That said, I did want to provide some insight into features that might help combat the issues you’re experiencing. From my understanding (and please correct me if I am misunderstanding), a-lot of what you’re looking to achieve is functional in the platform.

  1. Can I ask if our board filters can help you achieve this in any way? I ask this as via the filters you’re able to filter by specific groups, as shown in the screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2023-10-19 at 11.03.22 am

  1. As for creating a new group, can you let me know if you’re able to utilise the create new group of items via the blue dropdown?

Screen Shot 2023-10-19 at 11.03.14 am

  1. In terms of organising the group names, can you please elaborate on what you mean by this? Is it simply reordering the groups or are you interested in setting a specific sort for each group.

  2. At this time hiding or renaming the main table is a known limitation. I apologise for the inconvenience here and will share this feedback directly with the team in charge.

  3. I’d appreciate if you can provide some visual context here - are you referring to collapsing the groups?

If you’re unable to access some of these features this might be because permissions have been set in the board by the board owner, restricting you from making specific changes.

I look forward to hearing from you!

  1. No, we can not filter independent groups without using automations which only makes sense for as it puts more money back into your pockets! Its simple enable the feature they had it in Excel 1985 we are nearly 4 decades later and you all cant figure it out… Come on you have to be kidding me!

  2. Under a table I cant create a new group meaning a NEW Group that is not the same as the group created and found under the Main Table. To be honest having a main table that cant be hidden makes no since. If your going to have a main table then allow it to be hidden and allow the groups outlined under this main table to be dynamically added to each table do not make it a static requirement this is 2023 and this functionality was available in 1985!

  3. You cant sort the Tables from left to right! You also cannot sort the groups that are created off the main table! This is a very basic requirement let me remind you its 2023 what are your alls developers doing do they have Covid?

  4. Once again what are your developers doing this is elementary programing we are talking about enable the code to change this!

  5. Here is a screen shot of all the available space not being used, however, you all collapsed the table names. Once again sloppy programming and non-responsive design! All things considered I am surprised that Monday even has color I would think from the programatic limitations of this software stack you all would still be using black and white!