Ability to delete columns through the API

Hello monday.com devs
Currently, it is not possible to delete columns through the API and created columns do not appear unless the board is refreshed. Could you please add column deletion and appearance of columns created through the API without a refresh. I seriously need this feature so badly.
If possible, it will be great if in the response of the deleted column, the index or position of the deleted column will be sent as part of the response so a new one can be created right in place.

The best option will be a column reset, whereby given an API endpoint, the column will be reset to it’s default state but I will be equally happy with column deletion and immediate appearance on creation as well.

Thank you.

Hello @kolaai,

This sounds like an excellent feature for the API. I also throw in my support for this. I will add it to Moncli if(/when) it drops.

All the best and happy coding!


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Hi @kolaai and @andrew.shatz,

Thank you guys for bringing this to our attention! I can absolutely see how important this would be for your apps and workflows.

I’ll be sure to pass this onwards as feedback. Hopefully without enough votes it will be implemented sooner rather than later!


+1 - this would be really helpful.