Ability to pin sub item columns

There are specific subitem columns that I would like to pin to keep them fixed. However the current pin functionality only allows for the pinning of item level columns.

It would great for this functionality to be enhanced to allow for this.

Hi Chanh, what do you mean by being able to pin item level columns?


Hi Marc

Currently the Pin option allows you to select the columns that are at the item level e.g. In a board, there are groups and under each group there is the items.
I have created different columns at the subitem level which when clicking on the Pin option, the subitem level columns are not available to pin.

I know the developers are working on enhancing more at the subitem level and just wanted to make sure it is captured.

Let me know if that makes sense.

We are looking to add this feature as well. We have boards where we track multiple columns of data at the sub-item level that surpass our item level data. Would be great to be able to pin sub-item views

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@Chanh @Marc1 do any of you know if Monday has released any updates on pinning subitem columns?


I don’t have any information regarding pinning sub-item columns, sorry.
I do know that hiding sub-item columns will be available soon though :slight_smile: