Ability to send http request

It would be great, if we could setup an automation like this for example:

When status changes to something
Then send POST request to URL with Body

Where Body is in Json format which we can populate fields or manual data.

I believe anyone who has need to send a JSON body to a URL would have the skills to use a tool such as make.com to accomplish this already, would they not?

Thanks for suggesting your app but it’s an overkill for this feature request.

You can create a webhook and integrate it, usually it can solve many such use cases.

I was actually trying webhook integration, the problem is it only sends the update event. upon checking the event, I can see that it includes boardId groupId and pulseId so practically it should be possible to query the item to get the additional fields that I need.

The goal for this feature request is to make it simpler to just populate fields for a request on change of a column value.