[RELEASED] SubItems and Webhooks

I know it’s mentioned several times in here that subitems are in beta and not fully supported. Was hoping we could trigger a webhook on change of a subitem status, but it doesn’t appear to be happening. Can this be done? Should be looking at column changes instead? What is the timeline for something like this with subitems?

Hi there @holodnicka! Congrats on making your very first post with us, and I hope there are plenty more to come :slight_smile:

To be transparent with you, I don’t think this is part of the webhook feature set just yet, and I’m afraid I can not provide an ETA on when it would be either. That said, I would definitely recommend considering using our API v2 to work with sub-items instead - it already supports most of the things you are able to do with items, and considering what you are looking to do, I think it would be a great fit.

What do you think?


Hi @AlexSavchuk

I am too trying to work with subitems.

You are correct, the API v2 lets me query and mutate subitems, but what I am looking for, is a way to emit a trigger when a subitem is being edited. Is there a way to do this?




Thank you for bumping this one! I do think we might have a way to get this to work by using custom triggers and webhooks. Could you please take a look at the amazing solution that @basdebruin has provided in the community?

What I’m thinking is that you could use the sub-item board ID to attach the webhook there, and assign webhooks to specific column values being changed. That said, transparently, I have not tested this out myself.


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Hi Alex

Thanks for the reply.

I read @basdebruin’s post and managed to create a webook for a regular board using the API mutation, this works great.

However when trying to apply the webhook to a board of subitems, I get a response beginning with {“data”:{“create_webhook”:null…

Furthermore, the challenge token is not being sent to the webhook url provided. It seems that a board of subitems cannot have a webhook attached to it.

If anyone manages to attach a webhook to a board of subitems, please let me know.


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Confirmed not working through mutation API.

The exact same request (epsilone boardId and columnId) works on a “main Board” but not on a “Subitem Board”

And yes, this is very big blocker for our automations, which I write a few per day (Integromat). Missing this feature so much

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Hi @AlexSavchuk, I wanted to bump this thread to inquire about the progress on official support for registering webhooks on Subitem Boards.

As noted above by @jaacquees, the solution to use a create_webhook mutation using the subitem borad’s ID fails.

I have been able to successfully create a webhook using the unofficial API that the UI uses. If I do a POST to https://api-gw.monday.com/automations/automations, then a PUT on the newly created item, I have been able to get Monday to fire webhooks on subitem changes. This is not a method I’d like to rely on for production usage, though it does demonstrate that it’s possible to have webhooks behave on subitem boards, just like any other board. With that, it seems the GraphQL mutation just needs a little love to enable it to support subitems.

Is there any insight you can provide on when this will get resolved?

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Hey @mmoulton,

Thank you for checking in here! I’m really sorry for the inconvenience - I’ve just gone ahead and confirmed this with the team further. At the time, not being able to add any kind of integrations or automations is the expected behaviour of the platform, and it seems like even the “create_webhook” API call would fall under this right now. :frowning: Using the api-gw.monday.com is definitely not recommended, as it is not something we officially support and is more of a hack-around at this point.

I’ve gone ahead and passed this as feedback to the team, but I’m afraid I can’t confirm when this would be possible using the API. Stay tuned for future sub-item updates though :slight_smile:


Any updates on this? We’re trying to unclutter out Monday boards with SubItems. So far it has been perfect the only blocker facing us is the WebHook integration not supporting it.


Any updates on this?

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Hey @shavindra and @LucasG,

Thanks for checking in on this! I’m afraid that at the time, I have no news to share on this just yet - but I definitely realize how implementing this would be helpful to enable a lot of workflows. As soon as we have any updates on this, we will definitely post about it in the community :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your patience here.


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@Cyril @shavindra @mmoulton @LucasG @maxim @jaacquees

I have some wonderful news to share :slight_smile: Webhooks for sub-item events are now possible, both when added from the platform’s integration center, and via the API. You can find out more about this here:

[RELEASED] New webhook types for sub-item events!