Ability to share Kanban View of a board

I would like to share the Kanban view of my board with team members via the share option:

This would be a great feature to create a public roadmap that can be shared with anyone with the access link! It’s really limiting that this view type can’t currently be shared.


Also the ability to hide empty columns.


I am also looking for the capability to share Kanban view with outside partners and I would also like to hide columns I don’t want to show in that view.

This is a powerful feature, can we please allow sharing a kanban view? I would like to do that and embed it into pages that can be viewed by my team. This is a very powerful view and not allow sharing it takes a way its power. Other views are nice but not as Kanban. For example a roadmap view by quarter in kanban view is much cleaner view to share than the main view.

Would love the ability to share Kanban boards. This could help with simple roadmap sharing.