Cross-board Kanban view?

I have a number of boards that were all created from the same template, so share the same Status column.

Is there a way to have a single Kanban board showing items from across those other boards, visualised in my dashboard?

This is also being requested here Kanban View Across Multiple Boards

Hi all,

We’ve heard your requests for a multiple board Kanban view, and we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Kanbanify app in the marketplace!

Kanbanify streamlines your workflow by connecting multiple boards to one powerful Kanban view where you can add filters to prioritize your/your teams work and stay focused.

There is also a free plan to get you started!

This is just the beginning! We’re constantly adding new features based on your feedback. Let us know what you think and suggest features you’d love to see!

Thank you

Stela (Head of marketing)