Kanban of multiple boards?


I desperately need to see all my tasks in the same place in Kanban view.

I have three boards for three different types of projects (workflows). Two status columns are identical on all boards (priority and state; which shows if we’re waiting internally or exernally on that task).

I’d like to show all tasks in the same place instead of jumping from board to board.



Hey @pdoyon - while this isn’t available in stock monday, there may be options to adjust your structure to have tasks from multiple boards combined into a single board where you could set that kanban view.

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Hi @pdoyon

There is no direct solution for that at the moment.
I would suggest you have one task list board only where you will have all of your tasks.
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Jesuena Estoque Reimer
CEO | Senior Monday.com Consultant

Has there been an update to this?

We have a flow where we track projects with tasks that people need to be assigned to as well as regular operations tasks and todos, each tracked on separate boards. We’d need to have a shared kanban where these elements can be managed to create a task overview

Hello @pdoyon ,

We’ve been working on an app to show Items across multiple boards on a common kanban board. Its a dashboard widget that works when you have a similar status column ( similar names and states ) across multiple boards.

Here’s a short demo of the app

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Hey Folks,

Super stoked to announce the beta of Multi board kanban view. Would really appreciate your feedback. The beta version will be available until our app is listed on the marketplace.

This also shows subitems as separate cards ( as long as they have similar status labels )

To share your feedback, use the live chat in the app, write to me at kranthi@thoughtflow.io, or leave a comment on this forum

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