Kanban View Across Multiple Boards (Support in dashboards)

I would like to create a Kanban board with the pulses in multiple boards. It possible to make a table with multiple boards in Dashboards, but not a Kanban board.

Hey @john.dasharion

Are you asking if you can have multiple board kanban widget in Dashboards? Not sure I understood?

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Yes! Exactly! Sorry I wasn’t more clear

Right now, we don’t have a kanban widget in the dashboards but I’ll pass your feedback along! Can you describe your use case which will give me more weight when pushing for this feature?

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Any estimation when we could have it? This is to me one of the most important things missing. That way you can check your portfolio or filter by your team so you can see the status of the tasks assigned to your team. It is essential for a project manager!

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Hi @Julia-monday.com,

We too would like this type of feature. My thought was to have “Kanban Everything” tool, the way there is a Search Everything tool, but a dashboard widget might work as well.

Our use case is that we would like to able to see and re-prioritize what everyone is working on, across all boards, in daily stand ups and weekly meetings.

To get closer to this I’ve been doing the following:

  1. We have a standard status column that we use in all boards as a team requirement. Boards can have their own additional unique status columns if needed, but this provides a standard that can be seen across the entire instance.
  2. Every week I export each board to excel, and trim down to the key columns we need for kanban review, and aggregate them all into one spreadsheet.
  3. I import this new spreadsheet as a new board. I make the owner names into statuses, and group the items by owner.
  4. Add a kanban view to the board and use that in the meeting.

While it allows us to see and discuss all our current work, we can’t actually use the board to update anything, since these aren’t the true work item.


I was about to write a feature request for this as well but since this popped up as a previous post I figured I would add my thoughts here. We’ve hit a pain point where some PMs and directors really like the Kanban view to get a quick overview of project status and as possible day to day employee capacity. But of course we can’t pull that information in across all boards like we can with other views.

Would love to see this added as an option to the Dashboards either part of the table widget or as its own.


I agree with @sisrael1 that a Kanban Everything view would be great! You could add boards to it and then allow it to be filtered (by tag or other status column). We do “sprints” that cover items across multiple boards and it would be soooo helpful to be able to Kanban it all together for a single view


We really miss this feature too! Same rationales:

  • For our sprint transitions, to move quickly sprint statuses while being cross-project
  • For ourselves, to update to status of our tasks from several board from new to working on it, the in review, then done…
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I too would love to have a place where our team members could see in Kanban format all the tasks they are assigned.

This is a rough idea of what our team would like to have as a Kanban dashboard. We would be able to sort by status and people to get an overview from multiple boards. A master to-do list in Kanban format. Each Kanban item would also pull in the board name as reference (as shown on the bottom right corners, e.g. A079435 Nikon 2.0)


This is exactly what we’ve been envisioning! Now that other members can see this idea, I hope it starts getting more votes. Thanks, Phil.


Hi - i would also like to upvote this functionality. Cheers, Sean

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100% need this!

A great example - One of our teams uses Kanban for general team tasks - but the team members like to be able to see their tasks AND add their own that they don’t want to clutter the main board with.

Currently they do this with Trello using the mirrored cards power up. Something gets assigned to them on the team Trello Kanban board, they mirror it to their own board where it sits in with their own tasks and they can switch to whichever view style they like.

Edit - I just ran through the system with one of our staff, and they said they would be happy to switch but would keep their Trello board to organise their own day / tasks and manually copy assigned tasks from Monday… which seems insane. They said there is a lot of personal tasks they usually add (like booking doctors appointments etc.), that they want reminding of during the work day as well as minor work tasks that don’t come from the team like sorting something with HR / IT, doing timesheets etc.


Any news on whether this will be implemented? We use a kanban style approach to project management so the ‘My Week’ feature is pretty much useless for us. Being able to create personal kanban dashboards from a number of different boards would be fantastic.

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Yes Plzzzzzzzzzzzz!
This is almost a deal breaker for us - since dates arent too fixed, its more about prioritising today, tomorrow, next week - as per the any.do functionality

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Just a bump on this topic from my side.

Will a kanban dashboard widget be implemented at some point?

Does anyone know if there are other task management softwares that allow this feature?

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Another vote for this. I just need to be able to get a simple Kanban snapshot of what my team is doing today and for the next few days for us to use in daily standups and to help them keep focused throughout the day. A Kanban dashboard board is the easiest way for them to view and easily adjust their immediate and upcoming tasks from all of our projects.


I am still looking for this