About Highlights email

Hi, there is a feature request around the community with this is still pending:

I like to ask if there is any news on the internal roadmap to fix that, because this should be administrated by every user. Besides this i am receiving this useful email but problem is it comes in differents times. Our start hour in Argentina is 08 am, and it comes erratically for example at: 09:20, 03:02, 04:58, 17:15…

If anyone here can bring some light on this, thanks.

Hey @hlopezvc, thanks for writing in about this! I just checked and at the moment we do not have this feature on our internal roadmap for this year. The feature request would be the place to put this feedback (and to encourage other people to vote) for now.

Each user does already administrate whether or not she receives the daily highlights email via My Profile >> Notifications >> Your Daily Digest:

In terms of the different times at which it is coming in, would you mind writing this to support@monday.com? It sounds like buggy behavior and I’d love to see if we can escalate this to our developers to take a look :slight_smile: