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How do we vote on somebody’s feature request? Do we just “like” it with the heart? :blue_heart:

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Yes, thanks for pointing this out. Right now, please show your support by “liking” by clicking on the heart under the post you’re voting for. Once we expand the community, we will consider adding in another voting system but for now, this is one measure we will take to understand support for a feature!


Please don’t write +1 under other people’s suggestions without adding some further information to help us understand your need for the feature :slight_smile:

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Hi all!

Automations columns duplication every x period of time.


When you want to keep the same pulse and all of it’s notes but want to have a week to week columns going across your board for historical purposes. rather than adding new columns every week, it would be nice to have an automation that would duplicate columns weekly (or every period of time)



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Is it possible to log a development request to create the ability to set the workload by Items AND Sub-items combined.

Currently only “either or” option is possible.

Thank you