Multiple Feature Requests at Once

While there are partial requests for some of these items randomly thrown around the community, those requests have either gone unanswered or do not match up with what I’m requesting below.

Multiple Feature Requests:

  1. The ability to select multiple columns and move/reorganize at one time
  • 1a. This applies to Automations and Integrations as well. The ability to organize by dragging and dropping one or multiple automations would be ideal.
  • 1b. The ability to sort automations and integrations into folders (and label these folders)
  1. The ability to separate groups of columns with a simple divider
  2. Dropdown fields absolutely need an option to force only one selection. Single-select, similar to how a status works but…a dropdown.
  3. Gmail automations and integrations need an option to CC multiple recipients in the same email. I can create separate integrations for each recipient, but I want them to all go out in the same email.
  4. Allow timelines to be automated
  5. Allow automations to be multi-conditional
  • Currently: “When X happens, and only if A happens, do this”
  • Future: “When X happens, and if A OR B AND C happens, do this”
  1. “Push Date” should include option for hours, OR, pushing a date should allow to keep the time (right now, when you push a date the time disappears)
  2. Allow KanBan card view to be changed based on status or group
  • Example: KanBan board is sorted by “Status Field A”. There are 3 options, or “Groups” for this status
    When an item’s status places it in Group 1, fields “a, b, & c” are visible on the card.
    When that card moves to Group 2, fields “a, e, & x” are visible on the card, etc.
  1. A PDF file of all or specific fields for each item to be created when item matches a certain status, then attached to to the item itself within a column/upload field.

I have more requests, but these are the major ones.

Some of these requests can be handled with apps, particularly requests 3, 4, and 9, however, these should all absolutely be native to your current product. Paying for your product, then paying for 5 add-ons for things that should be native is not an ideal situation.

Our company is extremely interested in utilizing for a large amount of our needs within our Enterprise plan, but as we dig deeper on a lot of the options we need to include in our workflow, it becomes more difficult to sell our team on the current product.