Monday Application Improvement Request

We’ve been working with Monday for a few weeks now. We are satisfied, but we believe that improvements are needed to have a user-friendly tool. It seems to us that the following proposals would make it even more user-friendly.

  • Calendar
  1. General


Holiday period - Selectable on a calendar –


This entails putting the dates in gray on a calendar.
Must be taken into account when moving a timeLine.

  1. Member

And why not a calendar per member, to have his time
Must be taken into account when moving a timeLine.

Within a group, have the ability to change the color of the Item


If several GROUP appear on a TimeLine graph, this will help to better distinguish the different phases.

Automation possible on column type formula (or whatever the type of column)

When column is modified change statut to something
When column is modified notify person.

A column of type formula contains a value; it should be possible to do an action based on this value.

Sub tasks – Very Important

Excel Extraction

Create file Excel with Columns separate by char.

The proposals of Download are not frankly not usable, they are more focused on report. It is always more interesting to be able to treat a file of the type CSV, this opens more possibilities in Excel. Columns must be able to select multiple columns at the same time.

Extraction of the log followed by time

A recurring automation that allows to download the Board’s time log, from one period to another period. In format CSV. Stay as simple as possible