Action creation from Workdocs

Is there a way to create an action from a Workdocs document?
I am using this as meeting minutes and ideally there could be an action coming from a checklist item that could be generated, or link to a pulse in “meeting notes”
it would be great if actions could be created from meeting minutes.


You can create board items from text in workdocs. Currently, there is no link to the items created just the items themselves.

To create items from a workdoc, while you are editing the document select the text of the lines you want to turn into items. A small popup will appear. Click on the “create items” icon (looks like a book). You will then need to select the board and group that you want the items to be created in.

That’s it. It will look like this:

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Thanks! Although a link to the document would be great, this is a big help!

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