Add a pop-up warning to prevent from deleting a board accidentally


As an admin, the current situation is “I can delete any board from the Options menu (”…" menu). I just need to click on “Delete” and it’s done !

No popup warning is displayed.
I think it would be an easy and valuable feature to implement a popup warning message to prevent accidents :slight_smile:


Hey there!

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback! While there is an “undo” button that pops up for 30 seconds after, having a warning before deleting it would be super beneficial!

We’d love for you to add this feedback to our feature requests here! Our product team takes a look at the features with the most upvotes and many end up on the product roadmap!

While it is not on every board, when you have items connected in the board, this pop up does appear:

I hope this is helpful! Thanks for sharing!

Hi Charlotte, thanks The pop up warning is only when there are connected boards.
If no boards are connected then, there is no popup.

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