Adding an UNDO feature in Activity tab

Adding an undo feature in the Activity tab to reduce the need to manually reenter information that may accidentally get cleared from cells.


I would be interested in this as well. I would suggest an undo button for the entire board, so if you change information, move a pulse, re-name a group, etc. It would undo the last item if you click on it once, and then if 2x for the next item back, and so on. Even if only one undo back is possible, that would help out immensely!


@kyrinfield and @katcamb

This is a great suggestion! I’d like to run with your suggestions and take this even further.
Imagine having a (Restore) at the activity level for each change. (Probably want this to be only available to BOARD Owners) Something like this.

See screenshot below. Look at the little Undo icons inside the orange parenthesis.



I love this suggestion and would like to see it added!


I totally agree. Ideally ctrl+z would be great, but I understand the complications of this in a shared environment. I think adding a simple undo or restore feature in the activity tab is the very least that could be done.

I know a we have already had a handful of accidents of team members clicking the “x” next to the cell instead of clicking into it. They then have to manually input the information by clicking between the board view and the activity view to reenter the information.

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we have already had a handful of accidents of team members clicking the “x” next to the cell instead of clicking into it.

Good to hear others have similar issues to us.

No Undo can make it painful to get back to where you were.


I totally agree. Seems like major missing feature.


This feature is needed, also in our project!


I love that suggestion! :star_struck:



I just had an idea: you could add the “undo-button” in the activity log/sidebar


I don’t understand how this isn’t already a feature. Undo is a pretty basic function that is much needed.


Hey everyone, how about that Undo button, am I right?
We just had another issue over the holidays that cause hours of work to recover information that was lost that could have EASILY been solved with by simply clicking Undo.

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Bump. PLEASE up vote this.
Had another issue within our team regarding this feature.


We are just evaluating Monday and as the PM I’m a little worried about this as it’s a big ask getting people to move from Basecamp to Monday and the possible ease of things being deleted is not good. I though I read somewhere there is an Undo, but I can’t find it anywhere… I could see people deleting a column in a group not realising it will disappear in all groups.

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There is an undo for deleting full columns, but to my knowledge it only shows a small notification at the top of the board that basically gives you 5-10 seconds to undo.

However, if you accidentally delete a cell with information in it (which is fairly easy since when you hover over a cell a small “x” comes up that will delete the whole cell), there is no way to get that back. We have an inventory board and a number of our team members have accidentally deleted serial numbers and tracking numbers from cells.

This feature needs to be made a priority with their feature/dev team.


Agreed. One of our main peeves with


Yeah, it’s a bummer that this issue isn’t getting enough attention to climb the list of development tasks for their dev team.


We have this issue as well on the top of our wishlist. Since many things are logged anyway in the “history”, it makes no sense to limit the undo-possibilities technically.

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Hi All - thank you for your ongoing feedback on this matter, I totally understand the need for this.

We have started to look into these functionalities, as we now have a granted feature for the undoing of items that are moved from one board to another.

Would love to hear from you on how you’d hope for this to work – are you looking to have an undo option for all actions within the activity log? Which one’s are the most important?

Thanks as always for contributing and helping to make our platform :slight_smile: