Undo Bulk Edits


I recently edited a specific field without realizing there were multiple items selected on my board. Now every item in has the same data in that column.

Is there any way to undo this?

Have you tried “command Z”? (That’s for macs, not sure what the equivalent would be for windows.)

Hi @RyanDough ~ Welcome to the Community!

At the moment, we do not have an undo option available in monday.com. We can certainly see how this would be useful and I will be sure to pass along your use case as a good example of how this feature would benefit our users!

With that said, while we do not have a way to undo or revert the changes made on your end, most users find the activity log to be very useful for reverting these changes manually.

Using the activity log, you can find the original data that has been changed and manually revert the data on the board as needed.

You can also add a Feedback post that people can vote on to show their support for this particular feature/capability being added here: Feature Feedback - Community

I hope this helps!


This related post may be of interest to those wondering why a seemingly simple Undo button doesn’t exist (except for board moves) - Adding an UNDO feature in Activity tab - #38 by PolishedGeek

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