Made a mistake? Now you can finally UNDO!

I’d like to talk about a common frustration we’ve probably all faced – those unintentional changes on monday boards.

You know the ones, accidentally messing up column values for multiple items with a single click.Well, LogBack is the perfect app for this headache.

It’s a simple yet powerful tool that lets you effortlessly undo bulk board actions with a single click. No more manual corrections or data loss worries!

Here is the link so you can install the app on your monday account:

Can your app restore actions on the board that were created before the app was installed?

Hi @William_Ho Sure, you can indeed undo actions on boards created prior to the installation of LogBack.

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It works well for me with our current boards. thank you

Hello @Dor_appSolution
We accidentally deleted a column value from over 150 items.
I installed LogBack, but it only allows me to undo up to 100 actions. What would you suggest us to do?

Hi @Avigail_Shay
You have the option to divide it by first undoing the initial 100 actions and subsequently undoing the remaining 50 or more actions.

Let me know if you need any help :slight_smile:

Hi community, we are excited to announce that we have improved the performance of LogBack.

You are welcome to give it a try.