Introducing LogBack app- effortlessly undo and restore board's activity logs!

Hello Everyone!

Exciting news :tada: :tada: :tada: ! LogBack is here! This new app, announced in monday marketplace, is a game-changer for board management.

With LogBack, you can effortlessly restore most of your board’s activity log, minimizing the risk of data loss and human mistakes.

We encourage you to give the app a try and recommend it to anyone you believe would find it relevant :slight_smile:

Click here to add LogBack to your monday account


Over the past few days, I used this app and it significantly save me valuable time whenever I needed to undo unintended actions. Thank you

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Are we able to install this and then rollback prior to the app installation date?

Hi @janelegall, Yes you can.
Basically, the app is coordinated with the activity logs that monday provides.

We’re excited to bring you the latest version of LogBack!
In this version, we’ve enhanced the functionality to allow the selection and restoration of up to 100 activities simultaneously each time.

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