Accidentally changed all addresses // Re-do an action?

Hello, I accidentally selected my whole group and I changed the addresses. How do I re-do this?

Hey @hbsfrance :wave:

At the moment, we do not have an undo option available in We can certainly see how this would be useful and I will be sure to pass along your use case as a good example of how this feature would benefit our users.

With that said, while we do not have a way to undo or revert the changes made on your end, most users find the activity log to be very useful for reverting these changes manually.

Using the activity log, you can find the original data that has been changed and manually revert the data on the board as needed.

I hope this helps!


It happened one more time, this time I didn’t select other things, I only changed one thing and everything in the column changed. What to do in this case ?

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