Deleting Content Accidentally from Address or other Columns

We have been accidentally deleting data such as addresses when hovering over the column. Once deleted, there is no way to retrieve the data. It doesn’t show on the activity log as previoulsy deleted, and it is not in the recycle. The only way to get it back is to manually enter. Since in this instance it is an address for a client that was deleted and this is our CRM we have to go back to the client or an old intake form to find that data. It would be nice if ALL fields that you can click the X to delete, have an option to add a “confirm you want to delete” pop up or an UNDO button so we don’t have to retrack steps and add extra work. I attached the screen shot.

That “delete” icon must go! Specially on an app with no Undo like this. Why make it easier to lose data?

An undo option would be nice. However, adding a confirm button to delete would be easier. This confirm option should be optional though.