Rollback Board HELP!

I have ran into this problem twice now. I accidentally had all of my items on the entire board selected. Typed into one of the columns and it wiped out all of my information for the column. Replacing it with the name I typed into one column. The amount of time the system gives you to undo this is not at all enough. I can’t figure out how to restore the data because nothing was deleted just overwritten. This is a huge problem. Why can’t you roll back a work space to a previous time?? This would allow me to retrieve the data and restore the board. Anyone have a solution???

Hi @membermarketing :wave:

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue.
It sounds like you may have used the batch actions to overwite the data.

Unfortunately at this time, if you overwrite the items using the batch actions, and aren’t able to use the undo button in time to reverse the action, you will need to revert this manually.

Looking at our roadmaps I don’t currently see any specific updates related to this, but our development schedules and releases are highly subject to change.
I can definitely appreciate how this would be a useful addition to the platform for yourself, and I’m sure for other teams too, so I would highly recommend opening a thread in our Feature Request section in our Community.

Here other users who would also like this added to the platform will be able to upvote the feature!
You can find this here: Feature feedback - monday Community
This is reviewed by our team so is a great place to let us know about any improvements or additions you’d like to see to the platform.

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



I’m having the same issue, it seems for the way the app works that this should be a pretty basic feature. If this doesn’t change soon I will be considering a different platform

Hi @patricia.ousley :wave:

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I’m sorry to hear you’re also experiencing this issue!
I do see that we have an open feature request to be add the ability to roll back the board to a particular time, so I would recommend upvoting this so that it can gain more support.
You can find this here: Undo/ Restore Board to a certain time - #3 by andrewalmand

This will help our product teams to better understand the demand and need for this addition to the platform.

I know this isn’t a solution, but I do hope it might help to get this resolved in the long term for you.



Hi @membermarketing

I hope the answers in this thread are useful!
As we haven’t had any updates here, I’m going to go ahead and mark this thread as solved.
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