Undo/ Restore Board to a certain time

Undo changes before an hour or more (Not restoring Deleted items) Can we restore a board back to certain time .
Would be great to have this feature. Really helpful when so many depart works on the same board and someone accidently do the changes that should not be done.

I just today am running into exactly this issue. Basically trying to get a board back to the state it was in two days ago.

I think a more robust backup/activity system would be nice. Something like Google Sheets where you can see what individual users changed and revert back to prior states. Would probably need to be an Admin only system and required some gates before just reverting data. Not sure how something like this would affect automations, integrations, connected boards etc.

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Hi @Bhavyaka, @sschreiner and @andrewalmand
I’m a product manager at Rewind.com We’re currently building am automated backup and restore solution that will allow you to backup and restore your Monday’s workspaces, including boards to any point in time. I’d love to have a chat with you to understand your Monday restore needs. Here’s my email, please feel free to reach out to me: maria.korolenko[at]rewind.io

Here’s more information on backup for Monday: https://rewind.com/products/backups/monday/

Please build this feature faster. The backup and restore solution are needed urgently. I was accidentally change something in select all mode, and I couldn’t undo that! I took a very long time to change them back. it was more than 100 items!!!
Thank you

Hi @dantichi
I’d love to chat with you about your backup needs as we are currently building the backups for monday at Rewind.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at maria.korolenko[at]rewind. io

Hi @dantichi and @Bhavyaka , we might be able to help you: Our team has built an automated monday.com backup app. It offers the option to see daily snapshots of your boards and restore them back to your monday.com account. This is possible for both active, archived or deleted boards.

Here’s more information: monday.com Backup

Pro Backup for monday.com will be soon available on the app market & integration center.

I wholly support that there is a dire need for trustworthy backup solutions in monday.com
As great a tool monday.com is, I am very apprehensive about having our company use it at the moment. Without some more trust into long-term availability of our data and availability of our data in case of monday’s potential though hopefully never demise, It’s hard to commit to more use of monday.com.

The daily export feature is not sufficient right now. As far as I could tell, the relations between boards are not saved in there. Neither are dashboard layouts, etc.

An external backup service, hosted in the EU, would be a solution.
Rewind however is based in the US and horribly expensive.

While ProBackup is in the EU but just not a trustworthy tool atm.
I tested ProBackup last week and my findings were:

  • Their notion of backup is, to copy your boards and workspaces to google sheets in their google cloud. That seems to be in conflict with their promise of a GDPR-conform backup, as of the latest ruling in that regard.
  • They are correctly backing up items, workspaces and relations between boards as well as subtables
  • They are unable to restore whole workspaces as of now
  • They advertise that they can restore single selective items in a board, but they can only add new items with old data, not restore present items to a previous version. (a limitation of the monday API I’m sure)
  • Their restore is FAULTY and a backup tool that mangles data on restore is worse that no backup tool

On my test last week, I restored three items in a board in a test-workspace. The three items had a column connected to another board.

For the test I waited three days until everything had been backed up.

Then I remove a column and changed some of the selections in the column connected to another board. I did not add or remove items in the connected board.

When i tried the restore of the 3 items (which actually means, adding 3 new items with old data, but that would have been fine), I found that

  • the missing column was not restored, but silently ignored
  • only the first items connected column was correctly restored, the other two items contained random selections from the connected board. Definitely not the original data.

This might actually not be ProBackup’s Fault, but due to changes in the monday.com API since ProBackup developed their tool. But even so, it seems that they failed to verify the functionality of their BackupApp on a daily basis and highlights the fact that this is really a feature that monday.com needs to provide by itself to it’s users, and currently that is very sadly not happening ;-|

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I am lending my support to this. We had a mishap which lost the connected board data in at least 750 items. This will take a very long time to restore. If we could have just restored back to yesterday’s state, it would save days of time.

We are an enterprise customer and I am astounded that there is no in-built backup and restore in Monday. It could be a dealbreaker. What if one of our staff or administrators decides to act maliciously? Yes, you can restore deleted items, but that doesn’t solve every problem. A lot of chaos could be created that would be irreversible. While it’s great that there are paid apps that you can use, this is core functionality that we should not need to pay extra for.