Undo/ Restore Board to a certain time

Undo changes before an hour or more (Not restoring Deleted items) Can we restore a board back to certain time .
Would be great to have this feature. Really helpful when so many depart works on the same board and someone accidently do the changes that should not be done.

I just today am running into exactly this issue. Basically trying to get a board back to the state it was in two days ago.

I think a more robust backup/activity system would be nice. Something like Google Sheets where you can see what individual users changed and revert back to prior states. Would probably need to be an Admin only system and required some gates before just reverting data. Not sure how something like this would affect automations, integrations, connected boards etc.

Hi @Bhavyaka, @sschreiner and @andrewalmand
I’m a product manager at Rewind.com We’re currently building am automated backup and restore solution that will allow you to backup and restore your Monday’s workspaces, including boards to any point in time. I’d love to have a chat with you to understand your Monday restore needs. Here’s my email, please feel free to reach out to me: maria.korolenko[at]rewind.io

Here’s more information on backup for Monday: https://rewind.com/products/backups/monday/