"Backup" a Board every 24 Hours

I have a board that everyone in my company (50 people) has access to edit (and needs to have access to edit). While they can’t delete the board, they could accidentally make changes that really mess things up. Yes, we can always check the audit log to see those changes and reverse them, we can also check the Recycle Bin for deleted items. However, this is very manual.

Does anyone know of a native feature or integration (Zapier, etc), where I can have Monday automatically export a Board to Google/Box/Dropbox/etc on a variable basis, like every 24 hours? Any workaround or patchwork solution is welcome!

I don’t believe Monday has any version or backup features, something that surprised me.

Thank you!


I believe Integromat to be the droid you are looking for

Hey @jhenry, this is a great idea! At the moment there is not data backup for users to access, like you mentioned. Would you be able to add this as a feature request here? Then there’s a greater chance this will get looked at :blush: