Anybody using as part of backup strategy?

Wondering if anyone is using Probackup Backup (and their Monday app) as part of their backup strategy.

Keen to hear feedback.

Hey @mrooney007 ~ Welcome to the Community! :wave:

While this is not in relation to Probackup, I wanted to mention what our backup processes are and options you have to do this within your own account!

Your information is stored and backed-up across multiple zones within the United States. It is our mission to ensure the safety and availability of the data you store in

As part of this mission, we regularly backup all of our data. Backups, like our servers, are encrypted and are stored in multiple data centers of Amazon Web Services across the US. We also perform regular integrity testing for these backups, to ensure their validity and completeness should we ever need to use them.

Backups are retained for a time period of 25 days. Critical data (this includes all customer data) is backed-up every 5 minutes, and non-critical data on a daily basis.

To read more about our security policies and terms, click here.

You are also free to keep your own personal backups as needed for reporting purposes or in case someone accidentally deletes some information on a board and you need to easily reference/import that information again from your most recent export!

You can either export these backups board by board or by exporting your entire account in one go (you can export your entire account once a day):

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile: