Adding an UNDO feature in Activity tab

Hey Brett,

recently I have created a board for application to NGO. Created a form and then duplicated the board. Board 1 had active form view and received entered data from the applicants through the form. So far I have had more than 10.000 members and that means 10 K pulses. In board 1 i have 10 people verifying VAT numbers etc, and giving statuses verified, wrong data etc…

After verification I moved pulses to Board 2, as that board was members board. That means that they were verified NGO members. Often happened that during the batch actions, selection of the 100-500 pulses remain after batch status change, and someone pasted corrected VAT number into 300 pulses instead of only intended one. It would be great to have batch undo action in activity log.

We’re also pining for this feature.
We’re doing a lot more on Monday and losing information we input is making us reconsider our subscription.
I really like alejencia comment from October of 2019 with the mockup. Being able to pop up a menu of changes to roll back and select one, or shift select multiple might (?) be easier to implement on a shared board than just a keyboard shortcut. If could apply to the entire board rather than a row. But either way would be helpful. 10 second popup is just enough time to review and register that you need to hit it before your mouse runs over to juuuuust miss the button. A short term fix would be expanding that to 30 seconds. But a longer term ability to roll back changes is really necessary.


I just lost 3 days work with a status change that I can’t undo. Although the 10 second UNDO button is useful. It is not enough. I didn’t notice that the changes had applied to other groups as well. This seems very basic and after spending so much time configuring this tool I am thinking of going back to GDocs. If I made that mistake, it will be something that can be easily done by others who are less tech savvy which will cause hours of work to recover data (if at all possible). VERY frustrating.


An undo feature would be very crucial for text changes as well, especially since those changes don’t even have a count-down timer to reverse them immediately.
When I am working on a board with a lot of text and accidentally click the “x” in the corner of a text box (which when the columns are not very big happens quite easily), there is nothing I can do to get the text back except look at the activity log and re-type everything manually.
Very annoying. It would already be a big help if the text in the activity log could be copied, but an un-do feature is long overdue as well.

Is there any updates on this? It is indeed very crucial!

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We could do with this. We’ve had a problem recently of files being accidentally deleted from the file column. There is no way to get them back.


The 10 second “undo” is not enough! And it doesn’t cover changes to column/board settings. It would be great to go into the activity log and restore previous versions of the board like you can on Google Docs. Hope you will implement this feature soon!

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I’m so shocked that undo with control+z isn’t possible yet (after over 1 year of this feedback). What’s strange is that when I hit control+z, it activates the “Edit” tab in my menu (on Mac) but it doesn’t actually do anything…

A restore version feature would also be great! I thought it was available when I first saw the activity thread but wasn’t clickable (which makes that pretty useless).

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I would like to see an undo feature too. It seems like a pretty basic feature that has been overlooked.

Undo is really needed to reduce the impact of accidentally clicking on the “x” inside a cell when it’s difficult or time-consuming to recover the data lost. Having a reliable undo function would also bolster the case (at least in my org) that switching to doesn’t introduce any significant risk of data loss or user error.

having the deleted text visible in the activity log is one thing but it’s not able to be clicked or copied so you have to manually enter it. The undo in the activity log would solve SO many problems

Today by mistake, I selected 39 items, and tried to change one item (the whole row) and after I finished, I found out I changes over 500 cell. Imagine, I have to go manually and change them one by one!!!
AHHHH How much I hate this

Hopping on board this thread to also request an undo feature for our organization

I will no longer be recommending Monday to friends and colleagues because of the lack of this feature. An accidental edit of several hundred items has cost my organization days of work. Monday support has been non-existent after 2 days of requesting help. I don’t see how something so simple is not built-in from the start.


Came here especially to vote on this issue as well. Just going through the activity log and manually set back items is a painful process.
Made us wary of integrating more of our business with Monday.

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The lack of undo is an unwelcome surprise. We’re part way through a 3 month test out of Monday pro with a view to moving to Enterprise. All was looking good until the discovery that whole blocks of work can disappear at the click of a misapplied button - with no recourse. We are told by Monday that they ‘might add it as a feature in the future’. Clearly not a top priority.

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The good is that you can view a sort of’an audit on everything changes in the activity tab. The bad is that if you wanted to revert, you would have to do it manually. I have a feeling that when this feature gets around to be in production … it will be only for Enterprise, that just my guess based on other things that have happened with features. Best of luck @NigelMarsh

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This is one of those things that sounds simple, but isn’t exactly straightforward.

  1. While almost everything that happens on an item is listed in the Activity Logs, not everything is.
  2. Because actions on an item can trigger any number of Automations and Integrations, an Undo feature can very quickly create data that is way out of sync with the way workflows have been designed.
  3. If you are monday․com or an app developer, do you design the feature to also reverse back any Automations or Integrations that triggered? What if something else happened in the meantimes since the “bad” change - should that be reversed too? What ramifications might that have on other Automations that may now trigger inadvertently from reversing previous actions?

It quickly turns into a programming quagmire. That’s why we emphasize in all of our monday․com training session to use bulk edit with care and watch for that friendly green Undo button! :slight_smile:

I just accidentally changed all the text for an ENTIRE BOARD and lost all my work. This feature is basic, if this doesn’t get fixed soon I will be considering other platforms.


Just adding my voice here. I’m fairly new to Monday, commited to a full year, and I really can’t believe there’s no undo.

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